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Hovercraft for passenger transportation.

The product line is 3, 5, 11, 15, 23, 44 seats and also cargo hovercraft.

Complete production cycle of HOVERCRAFT – 3500 sq. m.


welding and riveting of aluminum housings

molding of composite superstructure and blades


flexible skirt-type craft 





Experience and traditions

Experience in design and shipbuilding of hovercraft since 1972.

Shipbuilding company for the production of hovercraft since 1991.

Location in Podporozhye, Leningrad region since 2005.

Acceptance of the Russian Register of River and the Maritime Register of Shipping.

Special hovercraft

Prevention. The rescue. Help.


12 декабря 2019

The construction was completed and two sea passenger hovercraft “Orlan” and “Berkut” were handed over to the customer. The hovercraft  were built ...

10 октября 2019

Two hovercrafts "Neptune 23" were sent to the customer in the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. The vessels were built under the supervision of the Russian ...

06 сентября 2019

Hovercraft "Neptune 23" in a cargo-passenger version was built for a customer from Yamal. The HOVERCRAFT was named "Sarmik". The ship's salon is ...

15 августа 2019

Hovercraft "Neptune 23" construction 20 sent to China. The HOVERCRAFT was built under the supervision of the Russian river register and received the ...

About us

The group of companies LLC «Hovercraft» TIN 4711006590 and LLC Shipyard Soaring Machines (Shipyard PARMA) TIN 4711014287, operating under the registered trademark «PARMA» is an innovative shipbuilding company which had been operating since the mid-90s in the design and production of transport hovercraft.

Our company has a long and successful history and can be proud of being the oldest privately owned HOVERCRAFT manufacturing company in Russia.

Our shipbuilding company is one of the few which has a full production cycle: aluminum riveting, fiberglass molding, sewing flexible fencing, turning and milling works.

That is, we manufacture all parts of the future hovercraft: aluminum housing, fiberglass superstructure, flexible skirt-type craft, plastic propeller blades and blower blades, electrical-installation and assembly works.
The companyis constantly improving the quality of its products, the quality of components and materials. We are continuously working on the creation of new models of hovercraft and the modernization of previously developed ones. The company has valid Recognitions from the Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in the design and manufacture of hovercraft.