How to get the hovercraft to the place of operation? If we are talking about small boats, then the question is not so relevant. In these cases, a small car trailer is sufficient.

The situation is more difficult if you need to deliver a large ship and over a long distance. Here you can use special transport companies, which, with escort and for very decent money, will deliver you an oversized product. You can send by sea, but it is not cheap either, since the hovercraft will be transported on the deck or in the hold. There is also an option to send by rail on the platform, but this is not the best option in terms of price and safety.

The best option is a container. The container is standardized, easily transported by road, rail and sea. In the container, the cargo is protected by thick steel walls. If the place of operation is located near highways, then a truck would be the best option in comparison with a container. A hovercraft cannot be small from the point of view of physics and register rules. Stability requires a decent width.

How can this issue be resolved? We make our hovercraft with collapsible hinged sections (wings on the sides) and removable aerodynamic nozzles. In most cases, the hovercraft body is made in width and length not exceeding the dimensions of a 40HC container, which allows you to completely place the main parts inside. The main types of boat delivery.

  1. Sable – trailer
  1. PARMA 6 – trailer


  1. PARMA 11 – a trailer with an excess of 2.5 m in width – a trailer with a body length of 10 m – 40HC container
  1. PARMA 15 – a trailer with an excess of 2.5 m in width – a trailer with a body length of 11 m – 40HC container
  1. Neptune 23 – auto trailer with a body length of 13-15 m (at 13 m the vessel protrudes from the trailer by 0.5 m) – 40HC container + 20 feet container (40 feet for the cargo version) – 40HC container + open Gazelle car
  1. PARMA 44 – special low trailer with special escort – railway platform – on the deck or in the hold of the carrier vessel

Below you can see how this happens.

A photo