5 persons


The project is undergoing life tests, it is not serially produced.

The high-speed amphibious hovercraft Neptune 5 is designed to carry up to 450 kg of cargo or up to 5 passengers. Hovercraft belongs to the class of “traveling” hovercraft and is designed for the transportation of passengers across water bodies in summer or winter, including those with short-term shore exits. The boat is capable of overcoming smoothed ledges up to 40 cm high and not smoothed – up to 30 cm. The boat is capable of reaching a speed of about 70 km / h on water. Operation is permitted at an outdoor air temperature from -40 ° C to + 30 ° C and a maximum wind speed of up to 12 m / s at any time of the year during daylight hours. In all cases of load, the Hovercraft can be operated during daylight hours in water areas, with waves of no more than 1.2 m 1% of availability.

Movement of the boat is allowed with the specified wave both in the air cushion mode and in the displacement mode. When driving on ice or snow-covered surfaces, operation is permitted on all bodies of water. Operation is permitted on any other flat solid surface, in extreme shallow water and swampy surfaces.

Main dimensions and characteristics

Overall length of the hull, m 5.7
Extreme breadth of the hull (with hinged sections), m 3.5
Cushion height (clearance), m 0.4
Passenger-carrying capacity, people 4
Minimum crew, people 1
Payload, t 0.45
Service speed (on water), km / h 45
Maximum speed (on water), km / h 70
Service speed (on ice), km / h 50
Fuel reserve, l 120
Service fuel consumption on water, l / h 18
Endurance of fuel reserve, h 6
Safe wave height, m 1.2
Supervision STATE INSPECTION OF SMALL VESSELS (SISV), vessel of special design up to 12 seats (THE HOVERCRAFT)