Our company Hovercraft LLC has tested the possibility of emergency movement on one engine at full load. We have heard that some of our competitors are telling customers that our hovercraft cannot run on one engine (out of two). We decided to show everyone that this is not true, to put it mildly.

For experiment we put 24 people in the Neptune 23 hovercraft, which is one more than the maximum capacity of the hovercraft. In addition, there are two more points that should be noted:

  1. When calculating the payload, the weight is taken at the rate of 80 kg per passenger, which can only be achieved with a mixed composition of people, i.e. men, women, children. However, we only loaded men weighing between 75 and 100 kg, which gave an average weight of about 90 kg per person. Thus, we reloaded the vessel by about 240 kg or 3 people. Those. in the end, the overload was about 4 people.
  2. The test was carried out with one engine completely off (one propeller, one blower). If not the engine fails, but the propeller or blower, you can turn off only the broken unit. In this case, the hovercraft will have either normal thrust or normal air cushion boost, which will significantly improve driving performance.

What we got can be seen in the video:

1. The movement of the “Neptune 23” hovercraft at half power with full load is possible.
2. The movement is carried out at reduced speeds and in the direction of the repair base, which is understandable. After all, planes also do not take off with one failed engine, but pull to the nearest airfield. 

We are waiting for new fakes from our “partners” to be exposed.