Warranty obligations for all parts of the hovercraft, except for the engine, are 12 months or 500 hours (whichever is earlier).

Engine warranty – 12 months or 350 hours (whichever comes first).

The warranty covers manufacturing defects. The operational and abrasive wear of the vessel’s elements is not a warranty case.

Replacement of failed parts is made by exchanging them for damaged ones, by mail or a transport company. If the failed part has no traces of interference in its work, then we change it to a new one for free and pay the shipping costs. Our specialist does not go to replace parts. If the presence of our specialists is necessary during the repair, the customer must pay the travel expenses for this trip.

We carefully study the cause of the breakdown and regularly make changes to improve the reliability of the structure. We try to closely monitor our suppliers and do not purchase parts from little-known manufacturers and sellers.

At our factory, we train the customer’s personnel free of charge on the peculiarities of managing and maintaining the hovercraft. If the customer refuses training, the warranty is limited *.

Upon completion of the training, we issue our certificate of completion of training at the manufacturer of the hovercraft. Since we do not have an educational license, we cannot issue you a certificate for the right to operate a ship of a special design, recognized by the state control authorities. You can get this certificate remotely in one of the companies involved in such training. For example, such a company:

* Modern systems require qualified periodic maintenance and quality consumables. It is impossible to carry a guarantee for interference with the systems of unqualified personnel or the use of low-quality fuels and lubricants.